Aegle Gear apparel is engineered to perform in the healthcare environment.

More than Scrubs

With details borrowed from activewear, our apparel is enhanced with anti-chafe stitching, four-way stretch, articulated knees, and stretch waistbands for comfort and increased range of motion. We use utility pockets, elastic loops, and d-rings for organized storage and quick access.


Aegle Gear is treated with Protx2™, a proprietary technology that provides long-term effective control of microorganisms. Using innovative antimicrobial technology, our products have been tested to reduce microorganisms by 99.99% through 100 industrial washes, or about 2 years of regular use.

Safe & Effective

Protx2™ has no skin irritation issues and is more environmentally friendly than silver and quaternary ammonium compounds. Protx2™ has EPA registration both federally and in all states.*

Fluid Repellant & Moisture-wicking

Our quick drying, fluid-resistant fabric helps reduce the chance of contaminants infecting a wearer, while resisting stains from everyday use. Aegle Gear is moisture-wicking, fluid repellant, and odor-resistant.

Easy Care, Made to Last.

We knew any apparel we designed would need to have simple care instructions and be made to last. Aegle Gear is machine washable, and wrinkle and stain resistant.

How does the antimicrobial technology work?

1. Disruption of the Cell Wall Coupling Enzyme

Protx2™ halts the addition of the main building block of a cell wall. By blocking further development, as the cell wall degrades, there is no mechanism in place by which to repair or replace those weak wall components. Over time the cell wall will just fall apart.

2. Disruption of the Respiratory Cycle

Protx2™ binds to the nutrients Manganese and Zinc, making them unable to be processed normally by a cell. If the cell cannot bind to the nutrients, the cell starves to death for lack of nutrition.

3. Inhibition of ATP Synthesis

Every cell in the body requires energy to survive, grow, and multiply. A cell gains energy through the conversion of molecules into ATP. The process of converting energy requires Hydrogen ions, like gasoline in a car for combustion. Protx2™ prevents the uptake of Hydrogen ions by the cell, therefore starving the engine of the fuel it requires; in this case, the production of ATP for energy.

*EPA-regulated products containing Protx2™ are used solely to protect the finished product itself from microbial growth and odor. Protx2™ products do not have any associated public health claims.​